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Oliver T. Nelson 11-09-2003 04:44 AM

How good is SOAP4R?
I am looking at candidates for a soap server that I need to build. It
will be handling upto 50 concurrent connections and passing some decent
sized pieces of info. Right now I'm going to looking at WASP, Zope,
Zolera, OSE for Python, and SOAP4R. But what I don't know about the
Ruby solution is if its up to the challenge of handling even this number
of concurrent connections (I guess not really connections, but 50
simultaneous RPCs).

I'm not real experienced in this area, but the other solutions seem to
let apache handle alot of the issues (with the exception of Zope and

Basically I guess I'm wondering if its possible to build a SOAP server
with a Ruby code base that can be used as part of a mission critical

Also, does SOAP4R support SOAP with Attachments?

I really hope that I can do this with Python or Ruby, as I really enjoy
coding in these languages more than Java, and I don't want to use C# as
I want to build this as a Linux based solution.

Any advice and opinions?


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