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Gavin Sinclair 10-22-2003 10:16 AM

ML <-> NG gateway is not working

Guy has mentioned it a couple of times now. The gateway is not
functioning correctly. It appears OK in the ML -> NG direction, but
not the other way around.

I know little about this gateway, other than it's discussed in "The
Ruby Way" with source code included.

Where is it run?

Who looks after it?

If nobody looks after it, can arrangements be made for someone to do

Gavin (from the ML)

Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT 10-23-2003 01:01 PM

Re: ML <-> NG gateway is not working

* Dave Thomas; 2003-10-22, 21:32 UTC:
> The problem is that my ISP just seemed to change NNTP servers, and
> as a result the news posting msg ID sequence got changed. The
> gateway then decided that it didn;t need to send stuff because it
> had already sent that id.

What about using

Josef 'Jupp' Schugt

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