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mariam seseseko 09-29-2003 09:17 AM

please urgent assistance needed.
Dear friend,

I am Mrs. Sese-seko widow of late President
Mobutu Sese-seko of Zaire, now known as
Democratic Republicof Congo (DRC).
I am moved to write you this letter. This was
in confidence considering my present
circumstance and situation. I escaped along
with myhusband and two of our sons Charles and Basher out ofDemocratic Republic of
Congo (DRC) to Abidjan, Coted'ivoire where
my family and I settled, while we later
moved to settled in Morroco where my
husband laterdied of cancer disease.
However, due to this situation we
decided to change most of my husband's
billions of dollars deposited in Swiss
bank and other countries into other
forms of money coded for safe purpose
because the new head of state of
(Dr) Mr Laurent Kabila has made
arrangementwith the Swiss government
and other European countries to freeze
all my late husband's treasures deposited
in some european countries. Hence,
my children and Idecided laying low in
Africa to study the situation till when
things gets better. Like now that
president Kabila is dead and the son
taking over(Joseph Kabila). One of
my late husband's chateaux in Southern
France was confiscated by the french
government, and as such I had to change
my identity so that my investment will
not be traced and confiscated.
I have deposited the sum Fourteen Million
United StateDollars (US$14,000,000,00.)
With a security companyfor safe keeping.
What I want you to do is to indicate your
interest that you can assist us in receiving
the money on our behalf, so that I can
introduce you to my son (Charles) who has
the out modalities for the claimof the said
funds. I want you to assist in investing
this money, but I will not want my identity
revealed.I will also want to acquire real/landed
properties andstock in multi-national companies
and to engage in other safe and non-speculative
investments as adviseby your good self.
May I at this point emphasize the high level
of confidentiality, which this upcoming project
demands,and hope you will not betray the trust
and confidence, which I repose in you.
In conclusion, if you want to assist us,
my son (Charles) shall divulge to you all briefs
regarding this project, tell you where the funds
are currently being maintained and also discuss
remuneration for your services.
For this reason kindly furnish us your contact
information,that isyour personal telephone and
fax number for validationpurpose and acknowledge
receipt of this mail using theabove email address.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Mariam M. Seseseko.

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