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Gavin Sinclair 08-04-2003 01:58 PM

Comments on "changes.1.8.0"
The changes.1.8.0 file mentioned when 1.8.0 was announced is an
important document. Therefore, I've read it carefully and made the
comments below (fortunatly not many). I've also looked at gaps in
'ri' with reference to it, and updated

BTW changes.1.8.0 does not appear to be in CVS. Why not?


The following text is unlikely to be current. Surely the behaviour is fixed
by now.

: Array#sort!

Changed to always return self without checking whether the sequence
of the elements was modified or not.

Beware that this behavior is not guaranteed to continue in the
future. Do not rely on its return value. [ruby-dev:12506]


Should this be Enumerable#zip ?

: Array#zip



This is redundant; rstrip and lstrip are mentioned together elsewhere. It's
incorrect as well, I think, as it mentions only NULs.

: String#rstrip

chop off NULs at the end of strings.

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