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nospam 01-08-2012 08:35 PM

any web hosting recommendations
Does anyone have any recommendations for shared web hosting?

On this website

fatcow is the top pick.

I read the hostgator review and it says there are some indications
that uptime and page loading speed may be a concern with hostgator but
that there's probably a lot of BS review on the net so it's a bit hard
to tell what hostgator performance is like.

I'm guessing this could apply to any web hosting service and a host
that has performed well for the last six months could start having
problems in the future.

Does anyone have experiences of web hosts or has anyone swapped web
hosts to try and get a better one? With hostgator (and probably
others) you get a better price the longer you sign up for.

(Also, is it easy/ viable to transfer a website from one host to
another or do you have to recreate the website? What if you used the
site builder provided by the web host?)


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