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glw75 12-20-2011 08:58 AM

Testbench flow control with TCL
I am currently attempting to use the following TCL script to control the simulation flow of my DUT. It basically does the following:
Reads in a txt file to get individual test names, passes each individual test name to the testbench framework. The idea being that each test is performed under a separate vsim command as opposed to having them concatenated together in one simulation run. I extract the system time at the start and end of each simulation run to pass into a log file. The first system time is passed in as a generic, the final system time is passed in as a force command when I encounter a pre-set breakpoint towards the end of the sim.

When my testbench eventually completes a simulation, it finishes with the following statement:
assert not(V_FINISH) report "Test Complete " severity failure;

The problem that I am having is that when the above line is executed, control is not passed back to the TCL file (which makes sense I guess as Iíve killed the simulation run). Is there a way of cleanly passing control back to the TCL script to get it to continue around the loop?

while { [gets $infile line] >= 0 } {
set length [string length $line]
if {[lsearch $line --* ] == -1} {
if {$length != 0} {
#Set the simulation time string
set str [clock format [clock seconds]]
#Vsim command and dereferenced tcl variable passed in as generic for time & date & test name
vsim -onfinish exit -G/uart_tb/u_uart_tb_control/time_string=\"$str" -G/uart_tb/u_uart_tb_control/g_test_name=\"$line" work.uart_tb
#Set the breakpoints for time insertion
bp ../testbench/UART_TB_CONTROL.vhd 415
# Set the commands that get executed when we encounter the breakpoints
# Capture the system time
# force the string value set in the design with this value
# continue the simulation
onbreak {set str [clock format [clock seconds]]; force -freeze sim:/uart_tb/U_UART_TB_CONTROL/FINAL_TIME $str 0; run -continue }
run -all

Many thanks.

glw75 12-20-2011 10:13 AM

Found the answer if anyone's interested:

in the 'onbreak' command, if I replace 'run -continue' with 'resume' then control is passed back to the TCL script.

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