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B.A.S. 12-08-2011 02:21 AM

How to get Python make to detect /usr/local/ssl
Any Python developers out there that help me?

I would like to configure/make Python so it uses my local OpenSSL-1.0.0e install in /usr/local/ssl.

I have tried uncommenting the promising section of
../Python 2.7.2/Modules/Setup.dist below without success.

How to do it! Would like to upgrade SQLite as well...

------ snip of Setup.dist ------------

# Socket module helper for socket(2)
_socket socketmodule.c

# Socket module helper for SSL support; you must comment out the other
# socket line above, and possibly edit the SSL variable:
_ssl _ssl.c \
-DUSE_SSL -I$(SSL)/include -I$(SSL)/include/openssl \
-L$(SSL)/lib -lssl -lcrypto


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