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Becky 11-07-2011 11:09 PM

NZXT Havik140 CPU Cooler
Real World Labs have reviewed the NZXT Havik140 CPU Cooler - here's a snippet:


"PC Cooling has been one of the most discussed issues between users for many years now and i really don't see an end to that, not anytime soon that is. Personally although i have used liquid nitrogen and dry ice to achieve quite a few remarkable frequencies with both C2D and Core i7 CPUs for my personal satisfaction (never liked showing off) i can't really say i am that much into overclocking. Sure from time to time it's nice to experiment in order to check whether you still have what it takes or not but on a daily basis i am just your average overclocker and nothing more. Perhaps that's why i still enjoy testing CPU Coolers so i guess that's a good thing in the end. Today we are here to test and see how the very first CPU Cooler to hit the market by NZXT called the HAVIK 140 fairs against the competition."
You can read more here.

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