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bmguk 04-27-2009 11:07 AM

CDO.Message.1 (0x80004005) Error
Hi All

Bit of an odd one this.
I have an Intranet application running on Win2k Server which sends
via email a dynamically created word document to Contract Managers
(CM) from our Purchasing Manager.(PM)

How it works is;
PM searches SQL DB via an order number > data is retrieved and PM
confirms data is correct > PM enters email address of CM to send to >
Application then creates the word document and emails the CM with the

Nice and simple you would think, if the app is run by a member of the
Domain Admins group (Me) then it works fine but if it is run by
someone in Domain Users group then it fails with the following;

CDO.Message.1 (0x80004005)
Unspecified error
/supprev/sendreviewconfirm.asp, line 49

Line 49 is the Send method of the CDO Object;

Set myMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
myMail.Subject = "Supplier Performance Review"
myMail.From = Session("USERSEMAIL")
myMail.To = Request.Form("txtEmail")
myMail.TextBody = varBody
myMail.AddAttachment Server.MapPath(thePathName)
Line 49 >>> myMail.Send
Set myMail = Nothing

This seems to me a permissions issue but whereabouts, is the question
as the folder that the app runs in has full access permision for all


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