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Patrice FRITSCH 10-26-2005 09:51 AM

How to get safearray from a Component
Does anybody know how to retrieve a safearray from a Component ?

In my asp code, I create an instance of the object, and I try to retrieve an
array of 3 strings.

Set myObject = CreateObject("A.B")
Dim arrSoft(3)

iRet = myObject.GetSoftVersions(arrSoft...)

I tried
iRet = myObject.GetSoftVersions(arrSoft)
iRet = myObject.GetSoftVersions(arrSoft())
iRet = myObject.GetSoftVersions(arrSoft(0))
and got each time an error message.

The méthod in the object is defined like this :
STDMETHODIMP XXXXXXX::GetSoftVersions(SAFEARRAY **versionTable, unsigned int
and should return the array of 3 strings containing the software versions.

Can anybody help ???
Thank in adavance.

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