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M. M. Rafferty 08-12-2005 07:42 PM

SQL errors after IIS5 to IIS 6 move
Yesterday we moved a site from a shared Win2K box to a customer dedicated
Win2k3 server. The application is ASP, a huge busy site with MS SQL server
backend. Since the move, the website log is showing many entries with the
following error:


The connection string used in the client's web application is in the format:

Conn.Open " Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password=xxxx;Persist Security
Info=True;User ID=yyyy;Initial Catalog=zzzz;Data

From what I can tell from the SQL server, the timing on many of these errors
is at a point where the SQL server is at high CPU loads. However, this is
the same SQL server that has been used all along and the logs were not
showing SQL server connectivity issues prior to the move even when the SQL
server was under a load.

Are there any known out of the box differences between Win2K/IIS5 and
Win2k3/IIS6 that would be effecting the SQL server connectivity? Or what
settings might I have missed on the Win2K3 box that could be causing this
difference in behavior?


Mary Rafferty

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