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Stuart Palmer 12-24-2004 07:21 AM

CDO.Message on development server
Hi Everyone,
Have a mail script using cdo.message working fine on my hosts system,
however, on my development machine when I try to send the mail (obMail.Send
line) I get this error:

error '8004020f'

Looking into it it looks like something to do with a users token? But not
sure 1) what that means and 2) how to set it.

Ideally it would be good if i could send the mail to any address without
pushing the emial onto the servers system so it would be picked up by my
domain suppliers email forwarding service rather than my hosts pop mail
service, but I think these issues are kind of seperate.

So questions:
1) How do I get cdo.message working on my development machine?
2) Is there a way to force an email from my host to not get trapped in their
pop mail service and send it externally to be forwarded by my domain
suppliers forwarding service?

Many thx


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