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jon 08-06-2004 12:19 AM

beta testers required for web editor

I've got a Web Editor called Webstar that I have been working on for
some time that is ready to be
beta-tested and if you want to experience trying out a new product
before the general public,
follow the link below.

I will send all the beta-testers an evaluation form in time, and you
will receive in return a free licence
for the completed forms. The beta test offer will remain open until all
the required testers have been accepted.

What does it do?

It has an "Intellisense" type dropdown that supports Active X/COM
in different languages
such as ASP, Window Script (VBScript), Cold Fusion as well as a
HTML syntax dropdown.

It has a database wizard that can query databases and generate Asp,
Cold Fusion and Html table data
for Select, Insert and Update queries.

It is extendable using it's own Scripting environment using VbScript.

Real-time preview of code.

Server side preview of code.

Integrated Html-Tidy wizard to validate code & generated code.

Table Highlighting : Instantly see the table scope in the margin as
well as table cell scope.

and much more.

Visit to download a copy.



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