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Deepiceman 06-23-2004 09:21 PM

passing data between 2 pages
Hi All,

I have a asp page created which pulls information from an access
database. One of the things it pulls from the database is the address.
I want to put a link on this page which when clicked will open a
smaller new window asking the user to input their address. Once they
input the address and hit submit, the 2 addresses, user inputted (as
starting point) and the one from database (ending point) needs to be
inputted such that a url is formed, leading to the directions page on
yahoo or mapquest or any other site.

My question is how do I take the ending address and pass it over to
this new page (using http_referrer???) and then construct the url to
the directions page.

Thanks in advance.

Bullschmidt 06-23-2004 11:09 PM

Re: passing data between 2 pages
Here is a mapping querystring I've used before that hopefully might give
you some ideas:

ess=<%= Server.URLEncode(FamilyAddress) %>&city=&state=&zipcode=<%=
Server.URLEncode(FamilyZip) %>&homesubmit=Get+Map" target="new">

Best regards,
J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance ASP Web Designer
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