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Matt G. 06-11-2004 04:34 AM

Idea for URL
Ok folks, I have a domain name that I just renewed called I have had it for years and never done anything with
it, but now I have an idea.

I am interested in making NPAGES some sort of "yellow pages" for
iNdependent IT Consultants. I figure there must be tons of hired guns
like myself out there that appreciate exposure, so why not try and
make use of this domain? This is a personal, grass-roots project. It
is not a or type of thing, and I will not
put you on some spam list, or do domething sneaky. I am just a
regular guy with a simple idea. And a domain name goingto waste.

I envision a simple page (like Google) that just has a list of names
of people specializing in IT, with what they do, their email (I will
make in an image so spiders can't copy it) and a link to their
personal/professional website. If I get a lot of responses, I will
add to this, and maybe even tie it to a database and make it my pet
project. Three things can happen:

1. If I get zero responses Then...
Ok, bad idea. Not the first time I've had one, lol. I'll think of
another use for the domain or try to sell it on sedo.

2. If I get 1-50 responses Then
I will make a simple page as described above. A basic dump of Name,
IT Specialty, short blurb, email and website. If we have a link to
and from your site, I figure our small effort will be more than worth
it for all of us based on increased traffic and search engine rankings
through linkage...

3. If I get > 50 responses in the next month Then
I will do at least what I mentioned above, and possibly more. If it
really takes off, I'll have a registration process, add search
functionality, in short, make a real site out of it.

I am not doing this to make money, and I have no ulterior motive.
Like I said, I am an independent consultant, and love the thought of
connecting with others like me with some sort of network. And with
fairly little effort I can put an unused domain to use, so why not?

If you are interested, contact me at

with the info I mentioned above.

One last thing: Please have a website that shows your stuff, and
please have at least 3 years of professional experience. (Sorry, gotta
draw the line somewhere.)

Thanks reading this,

PS: I am only posting this in 2 newsgroups to see what the response
is; this is not some massive campaign.

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