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tamilgirl 02-09-2004 11:22 PM

Asp Password protection + Redirect

I have a big question. I will explain it in steps -

1) Users login to members section using a member id connected to MS
Access database. A session variable is set for 30 minutes for all
member section pages

2) In member section page there is a page with link, which when
clicked will lead our members to a library page at different server.
We don't have any control on that server.

So this is what we want to do:

Once members click the link to library page, only certain priveliged
members can see the library page, so we want to password protect the
link. Once they click the link, we want ask for userid once again and
for password and then redirect them to library page.

My question is how to incorporate password into the members table,
since only certain priveliged members can view the page. What happens
to session variable which is already set, can i connect to database
again, if so how to do it. There are about 4000 members how to
generate password for all of them, and then how will the library
server know that the person is coming legally from our server

I know the questions are really confusing, but i am sure there are
many genius out there who must have done this before, any help would
be appreciated,

thank you,

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