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Gnomalarta 06-24-2003 07:39 PM

Re: Firebird - html underline probs
Whilst decanting a beer Gnomalarta smiled when he saw that AC had written

> version
> Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:1.4b) Gecko/20030516
> Mozilla Firebird/0.6
> I am a new user of Firebird, and am getting to like it, I am also a
> novice web page creator, with no less than 2 pages so far....
> So I am unsure about - well you name it, I am unsure.
> However, my page is displaying most text as underlined, instead of just
> the leading phrase, as intended (and I think, coded).
> It displays ok in IE
> There *is* a bug listed to do with inheritance of underline in html, and
> form, but I don't know enough to say it is the same one etc, nor enough
> to be a useful bug forum direct contributor.
> Typical problem line of code is:
> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm"><u><b>Find us:</b></u> Going out of
> Reading - on Oxford Road, turn left up Wantage Road, and 2nd left into
> Wilton Road. (Close to Battle Library,
> on opposite side of Oxford Road, two roads back). </p>
> where only the leading phrase is required to be underlined.
> When I view the webpage (internet), all the text is underlined (!), but
> when I save just this code and locally use firebird, it is not
> underlined, and when originally creating the page, I think it was all
> displaying ok.
> Any suggestions please? If it is a bug in this version/build then
> perhaps someone would help to register it too?
> incidentally, the web page in question is
> Thanks

The problem is not Firebird but this line:

<p ><u><font size="4"><u>Phone:</u><b> (0118) 959 4242</b></font></p> which
comes after the Age Concern address line. You have a spurious Underline (U)
tag openned at the beginning of the line which is never closed. Remove that
and all should be fine. As an aside, I think that you may well have other
problems using FrontPage and your coding will certainly be bloated!

A good piece of freeware to check your coding for errors is CSL HTML
Validator Lite ( )

M$ have designed IE in such a way that it will stab at what was intended
when coding is wrong, other browers tend to be more or less strict about

By the way, I know the area you are writing about as I spent my teenage
years in Tilhurst and went to Battle School!


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