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David Patow 11-13-2003 09:59 PM

Session.LCID / SetLocale() don't effect CreateObject()?
Can anyone explain why neither ASP Session.LCID nor
VBScript SetLocale() effect the locale of a VB6-based COM
object that is instantiated via Server.CreateObject()?
If I set Session.LCID, then create a VB-based object, the
object still seems to use the system LCID for formatting
dates & numbers.

Using FormatDateTime() within the VBScript of the ASP
*does* work -- It's just that created objects don't seem
to inherit the locale.

I tried using Win32 SetThreadLocale() within the VB
object, and it does change the thread's locale, but that
still doesn't seem to effect the result of VB

How else could I dynamically change the effective locale
of my ASP and VB6-based COM objects to produce date &
number formats for any given locale?

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