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David Alliet 10-23-2003 03:41 PM

ASP & Excel (problem reading cells)

I'm having a bit of a problem with ASP and Excel. A client has developed
his own program, which calculates alot of financial stuff, in excel. I'm
doing his websites and he has requested the ability to do the same thing
his program does, but through the website. Because his excel program is
a dozen worksheets (all packed with endless rows of formulas) long, i
thought it'd use excel as backbone of the webprogram (don't worry, the
website doesn't get much hits and i have made sure by copying the xls
file with the FSO and giving it an unique name that nobody can read/edit
the same xls file at the same time).

The two most vital things i do in ASP is updating the xls file with user
inputted variables, and then reading the calculations of the xls file
and write that out to the client. I use ADO and the ODBC driver for
Excel. I however can't seem to read the cells that contain complex
formulas, specially financial formulas like these: =PMT($F11;$D$4;-$D$2)
in which the function arguments are values i previously inputted in the
worksheet using ASP. If i open the xls file manually and look what's in
this cell i see the output of the calculation just like it's intended.
When i read this cell through code it displays 0. I also have similar
problems with the IF() function.

I've tried with blocking the cells, unblocking the cells, protecting the
worksheet, everything i could think of really. Does anybody know how i
can get to the output of these type of formulas?



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