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Lorenzo Bolognini 09-30-2003 06:07 PM

Resolving field relationships
Hi all,

I'm trying to build a sort of datagrid control by which i wish to
edit/delete/update data in a table.

Since I'm using foreign-keys for normalizing data in the db I need, when I
add or update data, to display those foreign-keys ID in a user-friendly
manner such as a combobox with values = FK and visible text = Value of the
description field in the related table. Is it enough clear 'till this point?

So I need to detect if a field in a table is related to another field in
another table (i seldom use self-joins, so maybe that would be a limit of my
control but I don't care about that).

Do I have to refer to the Recordset's object OpenSchema method or there's a
better/simpler way to do it?

Thank You,

OT P.S (Off-topic post scriptum ;-) I'm italian and moving to London on Oct.
14th to find some computer related work. Do you have any suggestions or
advices on companies that work with MS technologies and might be interested
in an ASP/MS Access (included all MS Access non database specific stuff such
as Forms, VBA, Reports) developer with 2 years experience? I'm 26 years old.

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