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Graham Mattingley 08-11-2003 11:28 PM

Problems with the ' symbol..
Hi All,

I have a database query where it looks like this

strQuery = "UPDATE resource SET TITLE = ' "&request.form("TITLE")&" ' WHERE
ID = '"&request.form("ID")&"';"

the problem is that if the field called title has a ' in the text then the
UPDATE fails, because I have closed the TITLE field early. If I reverse the
" & ' marks then I will have the same problem but the opposite way.....

I thought about doing something with ASP, replace but I still cant get round
the fact that I will have a ' in the UPDATE statement..

Can I do something like REPLACE ' with the CHAR code value and add the code
in the SQL record, and will this display the ' or the code.

Kind Regards

Graham Mattingley

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