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Curtis Justus 03-21-2007 09:33 PM

MaxConnections questions and issues
Hi everybody,

I have the following configuration:

* ASP.NET 2.0 Web Service running on a Win2003, dual processor server.
* ASP.NET 2.0 windows application used to test the web service. This app
can run on an XP machine, or on a different 2003 machine.

During testing, I noticed that no more than two requests are executing at a
time when I am accessing the web service. It doesn't matter which machine I
am using (XP Professional or Win2003 server), it always only allows two
connections. I did some research and found out about the maxconnections
setting in the system.web node of machine.config. I set that, restarted
IIS, and nothing changed. I then saw that within the 2.0 framework, when
the autoConfig attribute of the processModel node is set to true, the
maxconnections property is automatically set to 2x the number of processors
(in this case 24).

So, I guess I am confused. Why can't I get more than two connections per
machine? I look at the Requests Queued counter, and there are never any
requests that are queued. If I run the test program from more than one
computer at the same time, I get 2 x {the number of machines} requests

Does anybody have any ideas of where I could look to try to get more than
two connections to run per machine?

Thanks in advance,

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