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Gregory_May 04-21-2006 03:39 AM

IIS 6 Configuration settings for public Web Services?
I am trying to deploy a web service to Windows 2003. Initially, I am trying
to expose it so anonymously it can be invoked over the public internet.

The service works great from Localhost (Using the cool .net invocation test
page). The service can also be called by another application on box.

I can also hit the web service page from the internet ... the "Soap Example"
page comes up and I can "see" the service.

Visual Studio .Net 2003 can also see the service over the public internet
and create a web reference for the service ... so everything is looking

But, when i try and invoke the service, it always times out. The service
code is posted below.

I suspect that the enhanced security settings in IIS 6 are causing me a
headache. But, I have no idea which one. Does anyone have an idea how I
can open up this service on IIS6?

<WebMethod()> _

Public Function GetTime() As String

Return TimeOfDay()

End Function

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