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AnRonMor 03-29-2006 10:08 AM

Replacing MS Soap Toolkit with a .net WS
Currently I use the MS Soap Toolkit to expose some 20 or so com objects

for use by classic asp pages, this has to be replaced as support is
I have found two proposed solutions below and would appreciate any
comments, particularly from somone who has done this before.

Create a .net WS to expose the Com Objects

>From searching the web it looks like a couple of options are available

to access the web service from classic asp:

1 Access the WS using the MSXML http component to create headers
ASP > MSXML > . net WS > COM ( interop)
This requires writing a lot of code, I've read also that the error
handling is difficult. Basically it sounds like writing soap toolkit
again in ASP.

2 Using .net create a .net assembly to call the WS using the .net ws
methods, expose this to the ASP page using a COM callable wrapper.
ASP > CCW ( interop) > .net Assembly > . net WS > COM ( interop)
In terms of stability this looks much better as the .net ws methods
will handle errors much better. Also it should be possible to design
the component in such a way as to minimise the amount of code to write.

However there is a lot of interop involved and I'm concerned about the
overhead involved.

Can anyone give me some pointers?

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