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AA Computer Services 02-10-2006 11:12 PM

ASP.NET Three-Tier Code Generator
ASP.NET Code Generator is a time-saving development tool that generates
three-tier ASP.NET application code based on user-customizable code
templates and user-defined data schema. It generates SQL stored procedures,
business class code (C#), ASP.NET HTML pages and their code-behind files. It
not only reduces turnaround time, but also minimizes coding errors and
speeds up customization.

ASP.NET Code Generator provides a Windows-based user interface and a
Web-based interface. A simplified Web version is available for free trial on
our public server. There is no sign-up or registration required. For
details, please visit our ASP.NET Code Generator Live Demo page:

Bob Lehmann 02-11-2006 02:33 AM

Re: ASP.NET Three-Tier Code Generator
Thanks for the spam, henry_lu.

I really enjoyed your slime-green website, that doesn't quite render
correctly in FireFox. Yes, that's a real confidence builder.

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