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Dave Johnson 12-17-2005 11:38 AM

WebService Vs Data Access Tier Architecture
My 1.1 online cinema reservation system is Developed in 3 Tiers:
1-DataAccessTier "Data Repository Class"
2-Business Tier "Set of Business Classes"
3-Presentation Tier "set of WebUserControls & aspx pages"

if i want to make a WebService that enables its users to interact with
the system, In the search for the ultimate Architecture, Should the
Design be:

1- Connect the WebService to my DAL and my Data Repository class
interact with the database through the Webservice?
2- Remove the Data Repository Class and use the WebService as my way to
connect to the database?


there is any other Better Solutions from your Previous Experiences ?????

Please if you have the Experience to make a good guidance in this
particular problem try to suggest different approaches by stating the
Advantages of this approach on the other as a proof that this is BETTER
than the other. I am sure it’s a common problem as i am new to
webservices and there is a Better approaches than what I thought about.

“What is the BEST way to Do IT?”


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