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jason31879 09-01-2005 09:58 PM

Web Service Timer Cached and won't Stop
I have created a web service for use with a serial device. This device
requires the web service to send a heartbeat out on a 20 second
interval. I run the web service in debug mode to test web
methods...etc. Within this web service i have set up a timer that
executes a routine on 20 second intervals to send out the hearbeat.
After i have stopped the service from running within Visual Studio
debug mode and even went to the command prompt to do and ran iisreset
the timer seems to still be cached because it still sends out a heart
beat. Anyone know how in the world to not cache the timer so that
everything is terminated and stopped when i stop the service in debug?
I have not set any caching paramaters to have the timer cached in the
first place. Thanks in advance for your help...this is a mind boggling

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