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Philip Gray 08-25-2005 09:25 AM

multiple web applications - single webservice - multiple databases
Hi guys,

Bit stuck here with an architectural decision for this app I'm designing and
I'd appreciate any input anyone might have

I'm designing a browser-based system in that will have a variety of
different front-ends for different customers and a corresponding variety of
back-end databases.

What I want to do, if I can is design one webservice that will sit between
all of these web applications and their databases. I'd also like to avoid
passing the connection info with every single request.

So far, I've tried a few things - my first attempt was creating a virtual
directory for the web service under each client site that would use it and
trying to get it to pick up its connection info from the parent application.
Suffice to say, this was not very successful at all, but should give you an
idea of where I'd like to be.

Any thoughts, folks?

Thanks in advance.

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