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emily li via .NET 247 10-31-2004 11:48 AM

HTTP status 401: Unauthorized in SC Win98se
hello!I meet a strange problem.I created a web service and aclient application by C#.The web service can call successfullyby the Client application under Win2k,WinXP,Win98se(English &TChinese)system, but when I try to call it by the same clientapplication under Win98se(SimpleChinese) (same application tocall same web service which on same server).I get the httpstatus 401:Unauthorized,I have tried my best on create theCredentials,even directly sign the value: siteURL,username,password and domain,but it always show the sameerror.
and I have tried to call the function in Web service thatSharepoint served such as function 'GetList'(inLists.asmx),SChinese win98se show the same error code,but othersworks well.
I also have compared Win98se between SChinese and TChinese,theyseem the same,and I have installed IE6.0,update window,andinstall the correspond language DotNet framework1.1 on them.
could anyone help me?
thank u first!

From: emily li

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