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Bsiang Tan 02-26-2004 02:12 PM

Urgent : InvalidCast.. Please help me ~
Dear all experts,

I have this:

An assembly (proxy.dll) which is a WebService proxcy client

Case 1 : [does not work]
Loading proxy.dll using Assembly.LoadFrom(...), invoke a static method of a
class which inside invokes a method of a WebService. Then I get the
exception System.InvalidCastException inside the proxy method...

Case 2 : [works perfectly]
Make a classical reference to proxy.dll in the Project -> Add Reference...,
invoke the same static method as before. This works perfectly.

Is it I miss out something ? Is there anyway to make case 1 work ?
why using Visual add reference can work, while I invoke
using Reflection caot work ?

Please help me... Please..... Please....

Best regards,

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