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Ola Johansson 10-13-2003 07:45 AM

URL change when adding asmx file in VS.Net
I have built a webservice and when i add a web reference to my
localhost everything works fine. When i put the webservice on our test
server and try to add a webreference to it i got some problems.

Our test server has a DNS name that i must use when i add the
reference and that works fine. I get the methods of the webservice and
so on. But it changes the url to another DNS name for some reson. And
when i click ok in the "Add Webreference" dialog i says it cant
download the wsdl file.

Anyone know if there is some known problem that it changes the URL? I
guess it is some problems with the network configuration here at my
company but its ALOT of work to get in touch with thoose people and
make them change anything and so on.

I can say that i've once tried to add the webservice as localhost and
then manually changes all the localhost to the URL to our test servers
and that worked. But it changes back to localhost after a while for
some reason .. gahh sometimes visual studio make it to "easy" for you

Anyone have any ideas?


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