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DJE2009 01-31-2009 01:22 AM

nested checkBoxLists
How does one nest checkboxlists?

Foreach business, listed in a checkboxlist, I want to display another

☑Business 1 ☑Physical ☑ Mailing ☑ Business ☑Records
☑Business 2 ☑Physical ☑ Mailing ☑ Business ☑Records
☑Business 3 ☑Physical ☑ Mailing ☑ Business ☑Records

So business names are listed vertically in the first checkboxlist and the
2nd checkboxlist is displayed horizontally. These are both bound

I've tried the following on the databound and databinding events:
CheckBoxList list = new CheckBoxList();
list.RepeatDirection = RepeatDirection.Horizontal;
list.DataSource = (DataSet)Cache["AddressTypeId"];
list.DataTextField = "Description";
list.DataValueField = "ID";
tbl1.FindControl("PlaceHolder1").Controls.Add(list );

This produces nothing on the screen but everything seems good in the debugger.

Can anyone tell me the right way to do this?

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