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WhiskeyRomeo 09-19-2007 09:30 PM

GridView, CausesValidation
I am working through a book on ASP.Net, I added a GridView and SQLDataSource.
Everything worked as expected upon debugging. The rows were displayed with
the Update and Delete buttons on each row. Upon pressing update button on a
row, the row did go into edit mode. Changine a few fields and pressing
resulted in nothing happening.

In looking at the book's solution it has a entry for each command button as


Adding this property to each command button results in the GridView working
properly. It is as if this line should say AutoPostBack="True".

If this property is required, why isn't automatically entered when dropping
a GridView on the design surface?

If you set CauseValidation="True", again the Update button does not cause a
postback even if you turn the updatable columns into template columns and
create a RequiredField validator for each.


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