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Robert Pettersson 05-15-2007 11:46 AM

Edit data in a gridview?

I have a problem. I want to have a gridview with data that I can edit in a
simpel way. Easy right. I have tried 2 different ways:

1) Presenting my data in a gridview and editing it in a detailsview.
2) Editing the data directly in my gridview with RowEditing,
RowCancelingEdit and RowUpdating events.

Both works great if I donīt have a large numer of rows in my gridview. But
if I have more than 100 rows in my gridview it is so slow it is not usable.

I have also tried to put a gridview with more than 100 rows in a Ajax
UpdatePanel, but that also makes the gridview function so slowly that it is
not usable.

Is there some way to get the UpdatePanel to work with databound control with
a larger resultset or edit gridview data for a resultset larger than ~100
rows??? I could turn on paging, but I want the user to get a good view of
the complete result.

If someone could give me some tips and tricks or a reference to an article
wich handels this problem I would be very greatful! How do you guys solve a
problem when you want to edit data for a large resultset?

I have tried building it in old ASP where I iterate through a recordset and
build a html-table. And that way is mush faster? Is that beacuse of all the
overhead in the ASP.Net controles?



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