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Ben S 12-19-2005 11:32 AM

defaultbutton is not working on 2nd enter key pressed
Hi, I am having a strange issue with the defaultbutton that I specified in my

The general description for the problem is..

In a master page/ content set up, when there are default button setup for
both the master page and content page. The content defaultbutton is not
fired on the 2nd press of the <enter> key after a validation failure. Seem
like the defaultbutton is being ignored on the 2nd <enter> key pressed.

Detail Description FW 2.0.50727
vs 2005 Ver 8.0.50727.42 RTM.050727-4200
xp sp2 fully patched

I have a master page, which has a panel with input and button (call it
inputA, and buttonA) that has the defalutbutton set to buttonA when enter is

I have in my content page, a panel with input, validation, validationsummary
and button (call it inputB, validationB and buttonB) with the default button
set to buttonB.

What I am seeing is....

If I am in inputB, press <Enter> and the validation fails, I will get the
pop up from the validationsummary. I press <enter> to close the popup and
return to my webform. I then click on my input field (inputB) and press
enter again (with or without correcting the issue that failed validation),
what I expect the page to do is to either post the form or fail the
validation again. But what actually happen is the default button in my
master page (buttonA) is actually fired. This is happening for at least 2 of
my pages that use the masterpage.

The defaultbutton does seem to work correctly when I am not using a

Has any one see this before and is there a work around?

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