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VR 01-22-2005 07:22 PM

Globalization Question
Hi, I'm facing a little problem with an ASP.Net DataList Item Template.

Inside this Template I put an asp:linkButton control and set it's text to

When I tryed to get the value from a Resource with a ResourceManager
object and write it to the control's text property inside the Template I got
a blank string:

<asp:LinkButton CommandArgument="1" OnClick="DoSth">
<%= resMang.GetString("linkButtonString")%>

Then I tryed to build this Template by code and things got worse, the code
above is sent right to the browser.

Does anyone knows how to use a resource string to set a web server control's
text property inside a DataList Item Template in an ASP.Net Web Form?

Thanks a lot,

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