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Ghislain Tanguay 11-23-2004 05:09 PM

Maybe an easy Question about creating server control Image
Hi all,

My client want to create an header, footer and menu template so each
programmer will have them on their toolbox. Just drag and drop them every
time they will create an ASPX page.

It's not user control but server control. I just begin with this new
technique today and I already encounter some difficulties.

The template header have three parts. two images plus a dynamic menu. Very
basic but... I don't know how to bind my images.

I have two project, my dll (server control) and my aspx application. One of
my image have to always be the same so I just made a simple test.

Creating a server control inheriting from :

and in the overrides method of OnInit I wrote this code

Me.ImageUrl = "Images/piv_quebec_ramq.gif"

When I try to put this control on my webform, nothing happen ( I don't saw
my image) and I can understand it but... i
s there a solution to bind my image who is in my server control and be able
to view it in my web page?

Tks for any help.

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