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JDP@Work 10-02-2004 09:02 PM

DataSet Rows Updated to usp_MyUpdateProc and more q's....
If I have the following on my web form....

Dataset ->datagrid

The datagrid has only a select number of columns from the dataset displayed, one
hidden one is a primary key (pk).

An additional column on my datagrid is an _EditCommand


So the user is able to select "Edit" calling _EditCommand which enables the
column indexed item to be edited.

It also changes the prompt from Edit to "Update" and adds the option "Cancel"

When Edit is selected, the field is now editable (correct me if I'm wrong) based
on a relative index for the selected row w/in the dataset(?)

When the Update is selected.....

How do I get the values from the edited field and my pk to the sProc to update
the database?

Also, if that can be done, can I NOT refresh the dataset / datagrid?

What I'd like to happen is that if the return code is successful, then I know
that the database is updated and to leave my new values in the field.

As the user scrolls thru the list updating selected rows, updating the only
status field, I would like to print just those rows that were updated using a
template, without a round trip to the server!

So, how do I identify those records, (they will have a value in status field,
whereas any untouched record will not) to offer:

>Updated Records
>All Records

Can I query my dataset, say...

select mylist o' columns from myDs where status is not null

Or create a new dataset and pass only those rows with a status? How?

Thank you in advance, AND above all if there is an easier way please suggest a
Google or provide links.


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