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lynn 07-02-2003 02:19 PM

Why the file name disappeared?
I'm using Visual Stdio . NET to do a web application now. I have some
web controls in the web page, one is a File Field (File Browser),
another one is CheckBox. The File Field is a html control and I set
it to run at server. The CheckBox is Web Form control. After I choose
the file in File Field the textbox in File Field will show the file
name I choosed. The problem is after I check the CheckBox the file
name removed. If I use a TextBox instead an Browser to type the file
name this won't happen.

Who knows what's going on here and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot


srinivasasarma 07-03-2003 12:54 PM

Why the file name disappeared?
check for autopostback property value of the check box
whether it was set to true or not.

if it's true,whenever you check the check box the page
will be posted back.Therefore value will not be maintained
for HTML file control.
if it's so ,change the autopostback value to false.
if you want that value to set to true only...then
to maintain the value in file control,u can take a HTML
Hidden control runat=server to store the file name.
i hope this will help you

lynn d 07-03-2003 01:41 PM

Re: Why the file name disappeared?

Yes. I need to set the checkbox autopostback equal to true for some
reason. I'm the new one for web design. I'll try to learn how to use
hidden control. If you can tell where can I get the information that
will good.

Thank you very much!


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