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Amit 10-30-2007 12:18 PM

Creating Certificate in .NET 2.0
Hi evevryone,

I have one requirement here, where i have to create a utility/program
which will use certificates for securing web service communication
between the client and web service to verify that client has the
license to make a call to web service.

and this functionality i have to build using .net framework, i can not
use some third party component even if it is free or .net makecert.exe
utility as i have to incorporate this functionality in my project.if
anyone in the house can provide any relevant and helpful information
regarding this it will be so nice of him/her.Even an idea how to start
with implementing the above mentioned functionality can be a of great
help!!!!!!!!!. i am quite sure that we have memebers in the house who
can handle/respond to more tough queries than this.

Mank Thanks.

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