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Pablo Duart 11-20-2006 09:14 AM

deploy authentication 'forms'
good morning

after many attempts I'm unable to deploy a site with the authentication mode

I have a site with a sqlserver 2005 database called "test.mdf" that contains
the data
the security is handled by the usual "ASPNETDB.MDF" that contains the roles,
user ... all the access/security stuff

I try to deploy the site using xcopy and publish technic with no success

here is what I tried :

first to deploy the site, I copy the 2 mdf files on the server
the database files are then attached to sqlserver using sqlserver management
studio express
after that I copy the site on th server, link it to IIS and so on ...
I finally change the connectionstrings in the web.config to tell the site
how to connect to the 2 databases on this server

once the site installed, if I open the site in mode 'windows', everything
is ok so the access to the test database
but now if I use the mode 'forms' (the one I need to use), I simply can't

so I think something is missing to tell that the site access is managed by
the ASPNETDB database ?

so my question is certainly obvious but I am really without solution how to
deploy the security config with the site itself

thanks a lot

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