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JJA 10-16-2006 10:25 PM

Generating a confirmation email upon success of CreateUserWizard
I am pretty new to the Membership API and the Login controls of ASP.NET
2.0. I have lots of this working now but I'd like to extend it a bit.

I would like to know how to cause the successful creation of a new user
to result in a "confirmation email" to the email address he provided to
my CreateUserWizard webcontrol. Despite the richness of this control, I
cannot see any property that supplies this functionality and I've been
unable to locate any example of how to do this as part of the use of
the CreateUserWizard "code-behind".

I'm visualizing an email sent out which "welcomes the user,etc." and
provides a URL to click on to take them back to a "continuation" page
on my site with a Querystring that identifies their userid. Then on
the "continuation" page, I would want to mark their profile as being
"confirmed" or "approved" and give them a chance to add to their
profile information.

Does anyone know of a place where this technique is described for these
new webcontrols?

I cannot find much at all about the whole concept of a "confirmation
email" and I am wondering if it is no longer considered a "best
practice". Many sites I've used seem to use it ostensibly to ensure
that the person who supplied the email address at time of account
creation is in fact the owner of that email account and that no typos
occurred in the txtEmail text box, etc.

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