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Bev Kaufman 09-06-2006 10:41 PM

File access denied
I don't know if I'm in the right newsgroup. If not, please tell me -
politely - where to go.

I am following a tutorial on I was running a sample program, which
came with the course - meaning I haven't been in there screwing it up. The
program involves modifying data on a web page and then writing the changes
back to both the Sql server and to an XML file. The program blows up on

The changes do get written back to Sql. The error involves accessing the
xsd file (Access to the path c:inetpub\.... is denied) and also writing to
an XML file in the same directory.

I have already confirmed that the xsd file exists in the correct path, and
that I have no trouble opening it up and modifying it from Windows Explorer.
Why would it have a problem doing so from a webpage, which I am running from
Visual Studio? I know that on the Sql connection, my user isn't me, it's
this phantom user called ASPNET.

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