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Trebor Trebor 08-29-2006 03:36 PM

Shared Hosting (GoDippy) Refuses Write Permission to Web.Confg - W
GoDaddy (AKA: GoDippy, GoDead-E, GoDitty, NoDaddy, etc....)

provides shared hosting in Meidum Trust on a windows platform. I selected
them to test out some ASP code with various popular hosting providers. I
soon realized that the web.config file that I placed in the virtual root
folder on GoDaddy is restricted from being modified.

GoDaddy only allows you to modify permissions on folders in your virtual
directory and not files in your virtual directory. The web.config file must
sit in the root of the virtual directory.

After 21.3 hours of ongoing attempts to get GoDaddy to apply write
permissions on the web.config file in "my viritual folder" I now turn to any
alternative means.

Is there a way to set permissions on "my" web.config file that sits in "my"
virtual directory?


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