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Silverstrand 10-05-2005 01:59 PM

Samsung ML-2010 Laser Printer Review at XYZ Computing
"Smaller than the ML-22[50/51N], but larger than the ML-1750, the ML-2010 is an excellent hybrid, merging the cost-effective economy of the 1750 with the more professional design of the 2250 series. For the more casual home user, the ML-2010 might actually be a more effective choice than a larger model such as the ML-2250 or the ML-2251N. With a larger model, the warm-up time is much greater, and the time until the first page comes out is extended. While this is fine in an office environment in which the printer is being used on a fairly constant basis, itís a bit of an annoyance when the printer is seldom used, as it delays the printing of a single page by a lot. That said, for large printing jobs, the speed and recommended duty cycle of the larger models is necessary. So to a degree, the price of the printer is not the only measurement of quality; certain models, even at a lower price, may be more effective for certain users than others. The ML-2010 is a great case in point."

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