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Lopamudra 12-13-2004 02:39 PM

Urgent:Passport site not working(Can any MVP/MS guy help)
I've installed passport sdk on to windows 2003 and I have received a
key from I have set securelevel in the
registry to 0. When I click on the link generated by logotag2 it takes
me to a page that displays

The .NET Passport service is currently unavailable at this Web site
for one of these reasons:

The site may contain an error or be experiencing a problem that
affects the .NET Passport service.
The .NET Passport service may be experiencing a temporary problem.
The site may not be an official .NET Passport-participating site.

Please return to this site later to try again.

I have set the site to preproduction and this is still not working.
Does anyone have something for me to try?

I have tried many things like setting the securelevel registry key to 0,
running Refresh network map, etc etc. Nothing works. This is an urgent
requirement. Pls help

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