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Dominick Baier 09-12-2004 09:47 AM

Getting Group Membership
you have to query roles in the DOMAIN\GroupName format...

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor



I'm trying to do something that I think should be pretty easy, take the user who is authenticated with the application (intranet application/ integrated windows authentication), and determine if they are in "this group".

Before, I had queried active directory, got the list of groups for the user and compared, but then I realized that the IsInRole Function may actually work in this case. I tried it and it doesn't seem to be working correctly. Here is what I've tried so far.

I'm impersonating in my application, so I tried this....didn't work
Dim blah As WindowsPrincipal = New WindowsPrincipal(System.Security.Principal.Windows Identity.GetCurrent())
If blah.IsInRole("Domain Admins") = True Then
'is a domain admin
End If

Then I tried this:
If HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("Domain Admins") = True Then
'is a domain admin
End If

Still didn't return true (I am a member of this group too!) Am I missing something here, or so I just go back to querying active directory myself for group membership?

Thanks for any help!


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