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Prodip Saha 08-13-2004 01:59 PM

ASP.NET Application Prompting for User Name/Password at Random
My Asp.Net application is prompting for user name/password dialog at random.
I would appreciate your help if you could shed some lights. There is no
particular pattern that I could pin point. Possible scenarios are:

User gets this prompt at the start of the application. The same user closes
the IE and reopens, and all works fine.
User is already in the application but they occationally get the prompt at
any page.
User is running a lengthy process. Once in a while they get the prompt to
run exactly the same functionality.

The application(on intranet) is using Windows Integrated Authentication with
Impesonation set to False. All Domain users are authorized if they are being
authenticated. Application is running on Windows 2000.


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