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Peter Moberg 07-25-2003 05:00 AM

Role empty in WindowsPrincipal

I have a test system with one Win2003 server as a domain controller and one
WinXP client. The domain has been setup and the WinXP client is part of the
domain. I have added a domain user that I log on as on the WinXP client. I
wrote a little program to see what groups the user belonged to after having
logged in.

this is part of the code..

System.Security.Principal.PrincipalPolicy.WindowsP rincipal);
System.Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole.User. ToString());

Basically Im just telling the system to make sure that the CurrentPrincipal
returns a WindowsPrincipal type and the last statement is just to make sure
that the roles are loaded. (I guess the .NET framework will not load all the
roles until you call the IsInRole function)

When I look at the CurrentPrincipal in the watch window it says that the
user belongs to x nbr of groups. I check the groups and can see that they
indeed are the domain Domain Users and Domain Admins...

However I have also put the specific user in a domain local group called
TestGroup. This one doesnt show up in the roles list for the
WindowsPrincipal. However, there is one entry in the role list that is the
empty string and Im wondering if there is a problem with getting to domain
local groups?

Does anyone know if the domain local groups will not be listed in the
WindowsPrincipal object... or do any have any insight into this matter.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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