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Aaron 11-10-2005 09:38 PM

design time databinding in 2.0 mobile?
how in the world do you do design time databinding of an ObjectList to a
dataset or tableAdapter in a 2.0 mobile webpage?
I can do it through code just fine but that defeats the purpose of design
time support which the controls are suppose to have.
I've tried using the normal ASP 2.0 way of doiung binding and the old way of
dragging a dataset and making it typed onto the component designer but that
doesn't list it as a datasource in the objectlist properties.
The asp 2.0 way of dragging a sqldatasource or objectdatasource made it show
up as a datasource to the objectlist control but there was nothing
selectable for item inside the source to bind to, plus the IDE would
complain about ASP controls being on a mobile webpage.

also shouldn't softkeyLabel work on a smt5600 WM smartphone? it doesn't

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